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 i choose to stay.

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uber bobe

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PostSubject: i choose to stay.   Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:35 am

I think this server was an incridble, fun, and fantastic server. It had great Staff, Good and friendly players, i enjoyed playing even though i wasen't on for a couple of weeks (Because i was in California!!!!) But i do Intend looking forword to the newer and improved SSOHP. I know that it will be Great; Just like the last server, I Am going to look at this forums atleast once's a day or every other day. I'm going to try to make a video for when the new server comes out, And i can't wait to do it. I love the players, Staff, And other BS of SSOHP. It is far by the BEST Runescape Private Server i have ever played. It was amazing; loved it!. I do hope that you will make the new server; and tons of people will join so we can make a great RSPS It takes a Community to make a Server Fantastic and filled with players. Good luck SSOHP and keep up the good work!.
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PostSubject: Re: i choose to stay.   Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:18 am

I will also check every few days or whenever i have the time
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PostSubject: Re: i choose to stay.   Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:37 am

liam try

i'm 39th day
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PostSubject: Re: i choose to stay.   

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i choose to stay.
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